Signs that your skin needs a makeover

Beautiful and healthy skin is the dream of every girl and for the reason, they buy a number of skin care products and take a healthy diet. It is comforting to have a reliable and effective skincare routine. The question is how would you know that your skin care routine is going well. What if there is time to change the products and time to time for skin care. In this article, we will make a checklist of signs that helps to know that if your skin needs a makeover.

Dry skin

Excessive dryness in the skin can be due to genetic reason or can be due to oil-stripping, cleansing, dry environment and incorrect diet. Dry patches on your skin are hard to cover with makeup. To treat dryness of skin acidic products should be replaced with moisturizing ingredients, particularly in winters. Hard scrubs, salts and sugars can be the main reason to lose your skin moisture. Use hydrating toners and moisturizers to avoid the problem instead of harsh products.

Oily skin

Your skin can be excessively oily, shiny, wet shine and glow dewiness. This is the indication your skin needs a makeover. It can be due to improper and excessive use of Exfoliants and cleanser or your skin needs natural oils and toners to balance your skin.

Discoloration of skin

Skin can be natural rosy or red in small or large amounts due to the use of skin care products might be too harsh. It can be due to the application of pimple medication or due to washing your face with hot water. This means you need to change your daily skin care habits.


In a case, your pimples can cover all over your face and your blister can be due to hormonal imbalance or may be due to skin purging by increasing cell turnover. Skin purging can be due to retinoids or hydroxy acids in beauty products. This enhances pop up of pustules, cysts, papules, whiteheads and blackheads.

Stinging or burning of the skin

Stinging or burning on your skin may be the indication of use of wrong or harsh beauty product on your skin. It can be due to your routines, sensations like stinging, tingling or burning can be cured by changing your daily behavior. The sensation should fade away after a short while if not it can cause swelling on your skin.

Freckles on skin

Most of the skin damage can be due to the UV rays released from the sun and its direct exposure on your skin. The condition can cause darker skin, uneven skin tone or maybe the texture of your skin. The freckles can also be the reason of exfoliation, hormonal imbalance and past scars. The quick remedy to treat freckles is hydroquinone, vitamin C and arbutin.

Tiny bumps on the skin

Tiny bumps are produced in the skin which leads to redness and itching of the skin. In a skin condition, there can be hard and white bumps over the forehead and eyes but can also be found on other parts. This cause flakes and oils may be trapped in your skin. To cure problem use Aloe Vera and honey remedy to cure the skin and replace synthetic beauty products.